Shattering Perceptions of the 3-P’s


This week, I want to shake things up a bit and give you some hints that may rock your world a bit and shatter some perceptions about summers in Cooperstown that I hear all the time.

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve heard a statement similar to the following from Upstate New Yorkers … “I don’t go to Cooperstown in the summer because there is no PARKING, the village is PACKED, and things are over-PRICED.” Well, I’m here to tell you it’s not true and if you feel this way, you are really missing out. Cooperstown is the Best Small Town in America for so many reasons, and this might surprise you … but SUMMER is one of them!


Let’s Start With PARKING

Here are some misconceptions… Parking is expensive. Parking is impossible.

Here are some truths… The majority of parking spots in the Downtown Business District have 2 hour time limitations. Between the hours of 9:00am and 6:00pm many of these spots are pay to park. The fee to park is $2 per hour. All day parking is available in Doubleday Parking Lot for $14 per day as well as a few private lots downtown whose prices fluctuate.

Here are some parking Options:

  1. Pay to park (the hard way)
  2. Pay to park (the easy way)
  3. Park and ride
  4. Park and walk

Pay to park (the hard way)… Find a spot. Find the parking kiosk. Pay the kiosk. Walk back to your car, leaving the parking receipt. Enjoy Cooperstown. Come back in 2 hours to find a new spot. Repeat.

Pay to park (the easy way)… Purchase a seasonal Parking Permit from the Village of Cooperstown for $25. Put the Permit Sticker inside of your windshield, just above the registration. *Find a parking spot. Enjoy Cooperstown. Repeat from the * all summer long. If you spend just 12.5 hours in the village of Cooperstown between May 26th and October 8th your permit has paid for itself! (If you keep following Hanna’s Hints and the Friday 5 that will be very easy to do!)

Park and ride… On the outskirts of the village there are 3 trolley lots, Red Lot, Blue Lot and Yellow Lot, all of which can be easily found using Google Maps. Parking in these lots is FREE and it only costs $2 to ride the trolley, all day. This year the village is running 2 trolleys each day that will take you to all of the major points of interest within the village including the National Baseball Hall of Fame, The Farmers’ Museum, Fenimore Art Museum and The Otesaga Resort Hotel, along with many other stops along the way. The trolley is a great way to see the village without being on foot.

Park and walk… If you are still not sold, there is FREE street parking on Leatherstocking St., Nelson Ave., Pine Blvd., Main St. by the Courthouse, Chestnut St. south of Susquehanna, River St. between Main and Lake, and Fair St. and Pioneer St. north of Lake St. Be sure to always read signs for exact rules before parking. *Bonus Hint: If you are visiting on Saturday or Sunday there is FREE parking available on the Otesgo County Campus.

Please visit: for all parking specifics and permit information and ALWAYS be sure to read parking signs and follow instructions.


You’ve Navigated the Tricky Part, Now Let’s Bust That PACKED Parable

Yes, it’s true. This small town of 1,800 residents more than doubles in population each day of the summer, however, it’s nothing that our awesome stores, restaurants and attractions can’t handle. I know some of you out there still aren’t buying it, so let me break it down with a few additional hints…

Hint #1: Plan in advance… Feeling like you want to go out to eat tonight? Call and make a reservation. Want to see the sites at the different attractions in town? Buy your tickets online ahead of time.

Hint #2: Keep in mind the schedule of week-long visitors… As many of you know, the Cooperstown Dreams Park and Cooperstown All Star Village bring in a combine total of about 150 little league teams, with coaches and families to Otsego County each week of the summer.  The typical stay works as follows: families arrive Friday night or Saturday morning, check into their accommodations, get their bearings then spend most of the day Saturday at camp orientation. The baseball tournament begins Sunday and runs until Thursday evening when the closing ceremonies take place. What does this mean for you?! Thursday – Sunday each week is a great time for regional visitors to come to Cooperstown! With many of the week-long visitors tied up at the ball fields there is plenty of downtown parking, and open tables at local restaurants. There are also tons of great events each weekend, such as live music, theater performance and more. (*Please Note- Little league teams are not the only visitors to Cooperstown, but they do make up a large percentage of annual tourists.)


And Finally, Let’s Talk Prices

I’ll be completely honest with you, because what’s the point in sharing hints if I’m not being honest?! There is a bit of truth in the perception that things can get a little pricy in Cooperstown. However, there are so many things to do and see and eat in and around Cooperstown on a budget. If I told you about all of them right now, this post would never end! You’ll just have to keep checking back each week for our Friday 5 and Hanna’s Hints for Cooperstown tips on a budget.


I hope this week’s hints have adjusted some of the common misperceptions out there. Cooperstown is big enough and awesome enough for all of us. Don’t miss out on summer in Cooperstown, America’s Most Perfect Village! Come visit us and find out what makes this place so magnificent.

And as always, I love to hear from you! Share your Cooperstown adventures with me by posting on Instagram with the #wearecooperstown or #hannashints  or email me at and don’t forget to check back each week for the Friday 5 and Hanna’s Hints!





About the Author: Hanna Joy Bergene, Director of Marketing and Events, Cooperstown Chamber of Commerce



Hi, I’m Hanna!

I am a born and raised Cooperstownian who is deeply, madly in love with this AMAZING small town and the beauty of Upstate New York! I am currently serving as the Director of Marketing and Events at the Cooperstown Chamber of Commerce where I have the pleasure of working with over 400 small local businesses.

It is my goal to share my knowledge and passion for Cooperstown and deliver to you some insider secrets. Cooperstown has been named America’s Most Perfect Village and I want to show you why. Whether you’re from across the country or just a few minutes down the road, I hope I can inspire you to come for a visit, or maybe even call this place home!