5 Things Every Baseball Fanatics Need for Induction Weekend


Baseball Cap

Weather it’s reppin’ your favorite team or America’s favorite village (Hint: It’s Cooperstown!) all baseball fans need a baseball cap. Mickey’s Place is Cooperstown’s baseball cap headquarters with over 500 different styles of caps available and one of the largest collections of New Era brand caps in the country!


Baseball Bat

What baseball weekend is complete without a baseball bat? The Cooperstown Bat Company will hook you up, whether you want a bat that is diamond worthy or a mini trophy bat engraved to remember the weekend, their Main Street store front has all the options you need.


T-Shirt featuring 2018 Inductees

Were you even really at the Hall of Fame Induction if you don’t go home with a commemorative shirt?! Stop by the National Baseball Hall of Fame, or their pop-up store at the Induction site on Sunday to purchase your official 2018 Induction swag!


Abner Doubleday’s Baseball Bourbon

Have you ever seen a glass bottle shaped like a baseball and filled with Bourbon?! Only in Cooperstown! Visit Cooperstown Distillery to get a baseball bottle filled with your favorite spirit.


Baseball Sunglasses

Whether it’s sunny or rainy, a pair of wooden sunglasses from Baseballism will make you the talk of the town. “Hey, check out those awesome shades” – Everyone who sees you wearing your awesome shades


Bonus: See your favorite players frozen in time at the Heroes of Baseball Wax Museum and get all of your Cooperstown Induction swag customized!


Have an awesome induction weekend! If you need tips on where to find more awesome swag, stop by the Welcome Center at 31 Chestnut Street or Main Street kiosk and our welcoming staff will be happy to help! Check out Hanna’s Hints for some Induction Weekend insider secrets!